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Start a School

Requirements to Start a Private School

March 28, 2020

Education in India is one of the rapidly growing businesses. Particularly, the school business in India has seen growth over the years and has immense potential in future too. With such a large population belonging to the age group of 5-24, the educational needs are high in demand. Existing...


Why Parents Favour Private Schools

March 21, 2020

Education is one of the basic necessities. Right to Education laid in our Indian Constitution professes free and compulsory primary education for every child in India. However, we are yet to achieve 100% literacy rate in our country. With such a huge and diverse population, it is difficult to...


Benefits When You Take a School Franchise

March 7, 2020

Opening a school in India is one of the most sought after investment options these days. School business in India is a profitable proposition for people who want to enter the education domain. Many people want to earn revenue while benefitting the society as well. And what better than...


Preference for Private Schools

March 6, 2020

India has one of the largest population of children who belong to the school-going age group worldwide. Our constitution ensures right to education for every citizen. This is one of the reasons why education is provided free of cost in government schools. Unfortunately, the number of government schools do...


Opportunity in the School Franchise Industry

March 1, 2020

The economy of India opened up after globalization occurred in our country. Almost all sectors of our country’s economy were affected by globalization. Education sector was no different. The education domain too saw entry of new brands. In the past, the choices were quite limited when it came to...