Opportunity in the School Franchise Industry

March 1, 2020

The economy of India opened up after globalization occurred in our country. Almost all sectors of our country’s economy were affected by globalization. Education sector was no different. The education domain too saw entry of new brands. In the past, the choices were quite limited when it came to selection of schools for a child. However, now parents have a range of choices available to select from the topmost brands of schools.

Another trend in the education field that has opened up the sector to more brands is that of franchising. Franchising is an arrangement between two parties whereby the first party or the franchisor allows the second party or the franchisee to use its products or services with the same name in exchange for a certain fee. However, the copyright and trademark rights of the brand, product or service remain with the franchisor. The franchisee uses the product or service for commercial purpose in agreement of certain terms and conditions. For example, franchises are very common in the food and beverages sector. There are umpteen number of franchise stores of brands like Domino’s, Café Coffee Day, to name a few. A similar system has been adopted in the education sector too for various product and services. For now we will focus on school franchises. Franchise for schools are offered for different types of schools such as preschool franchise, high school franchise, K-12 school franchise and so on. CBSE school franchise, ICSE school franchise and international school franchise options are also available these days.

The school business in India is growing at a rapid rate. Even though the government is making efforts and opening government schools at different places, the huge demand still remains unmet. This is fulfilled by private schools and serves as a huge opportunity for people who have the desire to invest in the school education business in India. There are different models in which any organisation expands. It is quite a difficult and cumbersome task to have organization-owned schools in different parts of the country. The main reasons being requirement of huge investment amount and having a dynamic team at every place to run the business as per the organisation’s policies and framework. Hence, an alternative expansion strategy is the school franchise business model.The school franchise business model helps the parent organization to expand its business in different parts of the country while retaining the brand and school copyright and trademark rights. On the other hand, investors also benefit from the school franchise opportunities in India. With the continuous support from the franchisor, the investor enjoys the benefits of an already established brand with all processes and systems in place. As the choices are plenty, the investor must carefully select a reputed brand of school franchise. Millennium World School franchise is one of the top school franchises in India. They belong to the leading chain of K-12 school franchises in India under the organization name of Millennium Education Management. They have rich experience and expertise in the school education domain and have more 40 schools successfully running pan India. To know more about the group, you may click here[aj1]  to visit their website.

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