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We offer a plethora of career opportunities while encouraging individuals with unique skills find their true potential. The environment that we have created not only fosters professional growth but also takes the personal growth of our employees to the next level.

As our employee, you will be part of an utterly dynamic community that enables you to adopt the true Millennium Spirit to give your best to our mission. We are a workplace that values vividness, integrity and overall development.

Currently, we are seeking applications for the following position(s)

  • PositionLocation
  • PrincipalsSultanpur (Uttar Pradesh), Kushinagar (Uttar Pradesh), Hassan (Karnataka), Patti (Punjab)
  • Principals/Vice-PrincipalsPAN India
  • Academic CoordinatorPAN India
  • Pre-Primary/Mother TeachersPAN India
  • Primary/Secondary TeachersPAN India

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