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Vision & Mission of R & D

To provide accessible quality education for all by designing innovative products that shape the lives of the people we educate. The Research & Development department, since its inception, has created content for the entire K-12 segment for different types/genres of schools, spanning a wide spectrum from premium target groups with higher incomes to the lower middle class segment.

These efforts have resulted in creating different pedagogically-designed products. R & D also ensures smooth implementation of curriculum developed and designed by its team. Rigorous training programmes for master trainers, teachers and the marketing team are held to reiterate the philosophy and methodology of each project and product.

People@R&D — Great Minds at Work!

The Research & Development team has had over 300 professionals and specialists in the field of education working to create the innovations at the centre. Each member of the team has a unique identity and specialisation that adds to the diversity, sensitivity and development of the department.

There is a robust blend of optimism, vision, questioning, far-sightedness, hard work and quality consciousness amongst the members of the team. This provides a healthy platform for interaction, innovation, growth and change. Each team member is futuristic in approach and attitude and ever ready to take up new challenges so as to learn, create, grow and evolve. Thus, at R & D, the team of special educators, researchers, engineers, analysts, designers, illustrators and technicians join hands with the motto to strive harder and soar higher to create a better tomorrow.

Innovation @work — Our Products

Millennium R & D has pioneered a vast range of products to meet the needs of learners from all segments of society. Changing trends have always enthused R & D to experiment and innovate to redefine the old and to create new learning systems in the fields of curriculum, assessment and language.