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Business and Operational Related Questions

We help in planning the budget and also provide all necessary support in making the financial model of the school as well as providing the necessary templates required to create the projections, budgets and PNL of the school.
We will reimburse your amount after cutting a certain percentage amount.
MEM does not provide any loan facilities or get involved in providing any loan.
MEM works on a model wherein the owner manages the school or hires the right people who can manage it on their behalf. MEM will help in hiring and training the principal and teachers for their specific roles and provide all necessary knowledge on how to manage the school on a day-to-day basis.
It depends upon the finance, initiative and pro active stand you take. We will be by your side at all times to ensure that the project takes off the ground and takes shape ASAP.
The school has to be built as per CBSE/NCERT guidelines. We can share with you some unique and innovative models that are designed to create an environment conducive to learning. We provide the design principles that you need to remember while conceptualizing a building.
An existing building can be modified to suit the needs of the Millennium Environment. Our team of experts will guide you regarding this.
We will guide you on how to form a trust after you sign the Franchisee Agreement with us. We will give you guidance on the trust composition and other aspects of trust formation. You will finally do the formation of the trust through your attorney.
The State Government does not have any regulation on the fee structure although some States insist on regularizing the percentage of increase in the school fees.
A school is a long term business. The MEM team will advise you from time to time on when and how to implement the next phase of expansion. For a green field school it can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year. If the size of the project is very big then it may take up to 2 years, all of which depends on capital infusion and the overall agreed plan. For a Brownfield school the upgrading can be done simultaneously, and in phases, while the school is functioning with due consideration to the safety of the students and staff.
Yes, please let us know when you would like to so that our team can schedule your visit.
Expenses other than the building and furniture include operating expenses such as manpower, marketing, transportation, franchisee fee, royalty, legal duties, fees, etc.
MEM has a nominal franchisee fee and does expect the partner to pay at one go. In case of a genuine issue, MEM can consider this.
The expertise of MEM lies in a process driven, step-by step guidance to setting up the school. You will get clarity about each aspect of running a school from its expert management team. We have, so far, successfully set up and managed more than 33 schools all around the country and our partners have been very appreciative and satisfied with our support.

Academic Support

The school will be affiliated to the CBSE.
MEM will guide you regarding all the documentation processes that need to be done before a CBSE inspection. MEM will also provide you with all assistance regarding the format and the proper way of doing so. All compliances and permissions will need to be done by you with our guidance.
In the first year of running, we suggest you start classes from Pre-primary to class 3, however it also depends on your investment and the rate of scalability that you plan on.
The Millennium schools follow a scientifically designed and well-researched curriculum. This caters to different types of learners in the classroom and also has a philosophy appropriate to the learning level of the learners. It aims at developing the inherent abilities of the child so that the teaching-learning process can be personalized for each and every child.
The Training Team conducts various types of On-site, Off-Site and Online training in order to cater to this challenge. Each teacher will be trained to efficiently use the content and support provided to him/her so that the uniqueness of the system is not lost. Teacher Empowerment is our primary focus when we take up a new school and the atmosphere created helps the teachers gradually shift to the role of facilitators. We have more than 2000 teacher training modules based on various topics.
The Millennium Education Management is committed to maintaining a benchmark of quality in all our schools. Regular quality audits will be held through Teacher Observation Checklists, Internal and External Audit teams, Mentoring Programs and various other means. Any shortcoming found will be brought to the notice of the Management and remedial steps will be taken.
The Millennium school has a robust Talent Development Program (TDP). We also encourage a wide variety of outdoor activities. Our endeavour is to cover every domain of the learner and encourage and enhance his/her talent.