Is School Business Worthwhile?

April 3, 2020

What are some of the basic necessities that children must get? Food, clothing, shelter are the bare minimum needs apart from which education is of prime importance. Our country is home to world’s largest population of children. We have millions of children who belong to the school-going age group. Therefore, other than the basic minimum needs there should be adequate and proper facilities with respect to education in our country. Our Indian Constitution also states that children have the right to receive free and compulsory primary education.

The basis of education begins with a school. One cannot usually study in higher education courses if the schooling is not complete. Schools are the first place where a child is exposed to the formal setup of learning. While some may argue that in today’s world with easy access to unlimited information through the means of technology, is school really necessary? Well, school is much beyond than mere places to give information to children and test their knowledge. Schools are about developing the attitude to learn for life, building the skills required to face any situation in life and equipping children with attitude and aptitude to live their life successfully and happily.

Having said this about schools, formal schooling is an important part of an individual’s life due to several reasons. Now, let’s move on the business of schools. First and foremost, the huge demand that we have for good schools in India has to be met. The answer is to start a private school. Of course the government authorities are making efforts to open more number of government schools across the country. However, this herculean task cannot be done alone by the government with limited resources. Private schools have to support in meeting this massive demand.

Opening a school in India is one of the most sought after investment options these days. There are several reasons for this. First, of course there is huge scope and demand in the market. India being a huge and diverse country, the expansion is also lucrative to different regions of the country. Secondly, private schools have the liberty to have their own fee structure. There are guidelines from the government and boards of education but there are not strict rules with respect to this. Therefore, there are all kinds of schools with varied fee structure. They range from low-budget to high end schools. The fee structure is based on the kind of facilities that the schools provide and the kind of parents they target as their customers.

The school business in India has seen an upward trend over the years and is bound to grow even further in the coming years. Several research reports and studies have validated this. It is relatively less risky option than other businesses. One of the most lucrative options that came up in the recent times is of the school franchise. It never got easier to open a school with all the school franchise opportunities in India. One of the topmost school franchises in India is the Millennium World School Franchise. Looking at their growth story, one can imagine how lucrative and profitable school business is in India. So, if you also want to reap the benefits of the rewarding business, enquire today about the schoolfranchiseoptions of the Millennium Schools.