Why Parents Favour Private Schools

March 21, 2020

Education is one of the basic necessities. Right to Education laid in our Indian Constitution professes free and compulsory primary education for every child in India. However, we are yet to achieve 100% literacy rate in our country. With such a huge and diverse population, it is difficult to provide amenities to every child. Moreover, India has one of the world’s largest populations of children who belong to the school –going age group. This means more demand for schools. While Indian government has been doing its bit to increase the number of schools, private schools are also rapidly growing in their numbers. Yet, we still fall short to meet the massive demand. This gap is certainly an opportunity for people who are interested in school business in India.

More and more people are being attracted towards starting a private school in India. The reasons are plenty. To begin with, there is unmet demand as there are an inadequate number of schools in the country. Parents are quite conscious about their choice of school these days. Most parents prefer private schools over government schools. There are various reasons for this choice. This article lists some of the major reasons why parents favour private schools.

Quality of Education

All parents want the best for their children. Particularly when it comes to education, parents nowadays are quite aware of making the right choice between schools to provide the best of education to their children. It is a common belief that private schools offer better quality education than the government schools. While this may not be true for all schools, it is a reality to quite an extent.

Basic Facilities

Major part a child’s day is spent in schools. A clean and hygienic environment with basic facilities is the basic requirement to be met by any school. By and large, private school fare better on this aspect as well. The amenities provided in private schools versus government ones are mostly better and hence the parents are attracted towards the former for the obvious reasons.

School Building

The building of the school gives the first impression of it. Parents generally tend to prefer schools with fancier looking buildings as it’s a common perception that a good school building will mean good education. As private schools tend to have better resources, they also usually have fancier buildings and infrastructure than their government counterparts.

Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are an important part of the school curriculum and for child’s overall development. Private schools tend to have various activities apart from academics all year round. Their facilities of sports, arts, dramatics, etc. are quite better than the government schools.

Teaching Staff

Most government schools struggle with shortage of staff which adversely affects the learning process of children. This is usually not the case in private schools and hence children tend to get better attention learning experiences in private schools.

Apart from the abovementioned factors, parents also loom for the brand name and reputation of the school. These days, school franchises are becoming increasingly popular. Parents tend to place their faith in renowned school franchises such as Millennium World SchoolFranchise. Present in more than 40 places in India, MillenniumSchools are known for their quality education and parents trust them blindly. That’s why they are topmost private school franchise in India.