Process of Opening a New CBSE School

January 2, 2020

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the well-acknowledged and popular boards, prominent in the Indian Education System. As the curriculum is skill-based, the students are prepared in their professional life. Many parents prefer CBSE board for their children. As it is one of the highly demanded boards, it is also a lucrative education system to get in. Investors are interested in opening CBSE School to cash in the growing demand of this schooling system.

The process of opening a CBSE School in India is as given below.

One has to form a Trust or Section 8 Company or Society

To open a CBSE school, the Government has ruled that the administration of the school will be decided upon the Not for profit Trust or Society, or one can start the school by the formation of a Section 8 company. It is done by the registrar of the state.

Leasing or Registering the Plot of Land

The minimum area required for opening a CBSE school is 1-acre land if it is in the city and around 2 acres land if it is outside the city. The investor should lease or get the plot of land registered where the school will be built. The investor has to give the documents required as proof that the land leased or bought would be used only for the academic purpose. 

The Hiring of Staff

After the building plan is approved and the building is erected or leased out, the investor should start hiring qualified staff members for the school. This includes the principal, teachers, administrative staff, support staff members, cleaning personnel, school bus drivers. They all should be paid as per the state-level pay grade requirement.

Get the State Board Affiliation

Getting the affiliation of the state board is mandatory in case of the CBSE school. Before getting affiliated, go through the manual of the entire bye-laws, the manual is readily available. It can be downloaded from the CBSE website. Once all the paperwork is ready the affiliation process is quite  transparentand hence doesn’t  take too much time.

Applying for No Objection Certificate

One of the parts of Affiliation is getting the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Education Secretary Office. The NOC is for the state to permit if, under their jurisdiction, school starts following the central board. 

Apply online and track the progress

The school ownerhas to login to the CBSE website and register by uploading all the scanned documents required in the process. After registering online, one should regularly follow up with the officer who has been assigned. CBSE usually sends a letter to the school ownergiving the details about the official who they have appointed to get the approval. You should be proactive and get in touch with them by following up with them regularly.

Getting ready for the inspection

Post all the above, the school ownershould get prepared for the inspection. They are the authority for getting the necessary documents uploaded. Once the documents are appropriately uploaded, the affiliation comes through. Once the affiliation is done, the school owneris ready to start the CBSE School. 

The process of starting a CBSE school in India from scratch is rather a lengthy one. The other option one can use to look out for CBSE school franchise opportunities in India. As it is a franchise, all the required documents would be in place, and the business plan is also readily available. Getting a reputed scho franchise is a cost-effective method to start a CBSE School in India.