Although : no-one wants to be knocked back or told their idea is unworkable
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Start a School
The Millennium School, Sitapur has been honoured as the 'Most Innovative K12 School' at National Education Awards, 2018. Millennium Learning
Day 3 of the Principal’s Meet encouraged the participants to design the plans and future goals of their respective schools. This
Day 2 of the meet focused on the challenges faced by the partners in setting up their schools. As it is
Day 1 focused more on celebrating the achievements of each School in the past. Participants delightedly presented all their happy moments
Our dedication to transform the face of education in India has led us to opening 11 schools in just 6
Dental health check up and awareness camp was organised by The Millennium School, Sunam on May 30th, 2018. Dr. Sanjeev
Even in the 21st century, girls and women in our country do not have basic hygiene facilities.Talking and tackling menstrual
The Millennium School, Mathura organised 'Back to school' - a program for parents, where Parents participated in activities that made
The Millennium School, Kalanwali organised a 'Health activity on dental hygiene' where students were taught about the healthy practices to
In the city of Kalanwali, The Millennium School organised a special assembly on 'Living together in Peace'. Words by His
Students of Millennium World School, Allahabad organised an exhibition of their Art and Craft work, done during Summer Camp for
Millennium World School, Patna organised an Eye check up camp for students and parents. Students were educated about the importance