MEM Review Meet

April 18, 2018

MEM, after its inception two years ago, had its first offsite review meet this week. The purpose of the meet was to :

1) celebrate the success of many new partners showing trust and faith in choosing the Millennium brand and the mega launches of operationalising 11 new schools this year.

2) to review the past, treasure the present and to shape the future The teams spent three long and intensive days focusing on how to move from “Customer Service ” to “Customer Satisfaction” and ensuring that it is felt at every touch points and levels.

The teams debated, experienced situations through simulations, problem solved, got trained and advised by experts and built new processes and plans. While they worked hard during the day they unwinded with some fun later in the evening too. MEM Champs are now back to their work stations recharged, motivated and ready once again to be able to serve every stakeholder with zeal , enthusiasm and quality.