Millennium World School – Sunam Organised Dental health check up and awareness camp

May 30, 2018

Dental health check up and awareness camp was organised by The Millennium School, Sunam on May 30th, 2018.

Dr. Sanjeev Kansal and Dr. Poonam Kansal carried out a comprehensive dental check up of students.

The camp was initiated with dental awareness talk, educating students on various dental issues, gum diseases, tooth decay and various measures to prevent them. They also educated on various parts of tooth and ways to brush teeth. The students were excited to know the brushing techniques and promised to follow these now onwards students were also educated on dental hygienic and eating patterns and food choices to keep teeth healthy.

On completion of dental check up each student was given a patient card and the recommended treatment plan.

The Principal sir Harjinder Singh Turna thanked the doctors for their selfless service to school.