Process of Starting a CBSE School in India

September 23, 2019

India today holds a very important place in the global education industry as it, arguably, has the largest population in the world in the age bracket 5-24. This demographical advantage has given people a tremendous opportunity to do business in the education sector. In fact, school business in India is one of the most significant rising businesses as most parents today are willing to spend more money on their children’s education. While there are many such school boards and institutions in India, one such school board that is much preferred is the CBSE school board.

So, how to start a CBSE school in India? Well, in order to start a CBSE school there are a few basic requisites which must be followed. You may take a quick look at the steps below:

Form a Trust or Society or a Section 8 Company

For setting up a school as per the government norms, it is essential for the administrative authorities of the school to lie with a Non-profit society or trust. Similarly, for starting a CBSE school, it needs to form a Section 8 company.

Buy or Lease an Adequate Land Required by CBSE

The land acquired for the CBSE School has to be either leased or bought in the name of a non-profit trust or society and the documents must be certified by the local land registration office. Note that, depending upon whether the land acquired is in a metropolitan city or a small town, the requirement of land size for opening a CBSE School differs.

Get the NOC

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) has to be applied and obtained from the government of the state where the opening of the CBSE school is planned.

Build the School as per the CBSE Norms or Standards

Construction of the CBSE School should be done as per the CBSE guidelines on infrastructure and must include the classrooms with the library, furniture, laboratory, principal room, computer room, art and craft room, toilet blocks, and drinking water facilities. Also, the buildings should have provisions for sanitation, electrification as well as plumbing works etc. Aside from these, there should be a piece of land dedicated to playground and extra-curricular activities.

Get Recognition from the State Government

This is a mandatory step which could only be attained if the school meets the norms and standards within the prescribed timelimit. Without government recognition your school will face severe consequences which could even lead to it getting shutdown abrubtly.

Recruit Teachers and Admit Students

For this,you will have to set up an effective and brilliant marketing strategy to attract admissions. Also, make sure to only recruit teachers who have the necessary qualification as per the government norms. Also, remember that, by default, teachers are the face of your school and directly interact with parents who decide their children’s admission. So, make sure that your school committee or management trains them well on the school vision and philosophy.

Apply for CBSE Affiliation

In order to obtain the CBSE affiliation, the school must have a list of documents including the NOC obtained from the state government, approval from the Municipal Corporation of the state and also, clearance from the health department must be submitted to the school board authority. Depending upon what one wants, you can open an independent school or take up an established brand of CBSE school franchise.