Prerequisites to Start a School

September 23, 2019

Education sector is one of the fastest growing industries today. It is a known fact that India has the largest population in the world in between the age 5-24. This makes school business in India a much sought one today as even the parents nowadays don’t shy from shelling extra income on their kids’ education. One can either start an independent school or go for school franchise options. But before choosing any of the options it’s important to understand how to start your own school.

Here is the list of few basic things that are required for setting up a school:

Choose a School Structure

The first and foremost thing to do in order to start school is to decide whether it is going to be for-profit or non-profit. Only after this, one should start focusing on other academic aspects of their school. For-profit schools are overseen by either a proprietor or by a business or an LLC firm, whereas the non-profit schools are managed by a board of directors. Remember, neither of the structure is better than the other. It is up to you to decide which one you may want to manage or finance.

Choose the School Board

Choosing the school board is an important requisite because depending on it land requirement for school and location may vary. You can choose from ICSE board, CBSE Board or Cambridge and other international boards.

Apply For NOC

Once you have decided the structure of your school you should apply and obtain the NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the state government where you want to start the school.

Assemble a Committee

This is to ensure that you can win the trust of the parents living in that area for it is going to be their children who are going to be your target for admission. Also, they can help in ensuring school’s future as well as in hiring faculties and acquiring land for constructing the school.

Buy or Lease the Required Land

Depending on the selected board you will have to either buy or lease the land for the construction of your school.

Focus on Infrastructure

Infrastructure is an important requirement to start a school. After you have bought or leased the required land to start a school make sure you have a focus on the infrastructure andits construction as well. This is because infrastructure forms the imprintof school.

Create a Business Plan

It does not matter whether you want to run a non-profit or for-profit school, there should be a business plan to work with as it can ensure your school success while minimizing the risk factors.

Have a Marketing Team

A marketing team will work to promote your school in the locality and ones which are nearby. Good promotions help in obtaining parents’ trust and even finding sponsors and fund raisers which can be important for the long term sustainability and branding of your school.

Hire Teachers and Faculties

Make sure that you only hire teachers and faculties who can meet the requirements of the government norms. Teachers and faculties often by default are the brand ambassadors of the school.

Launch School and Admit Students

Once you have covered all the other aspects mentioned above, your school is good to launch and open for students admissions.