Need to Start a School

February 3, 2020

With being the second most populated country in the world, India also has one of the highest populations of school-going children worldwide. This can be seen as an advantage. Young population means opportunity for growth and progress of the nation. However, this can become an advantage for the country only if the young population is channelized in a positive direction. This can be achieved with the help of right education. Education, as everyone knows, sets the base for an individual. The character development, personality development, and all other aspects happen primarily during the school-going age. If these years are tapped properly then the young population of our country can do wonders for the progress of our nation.

It is a well known fact that the government schools are not enough in the country to provide education to the entire population in that age group. This lack gave rise to private schools in
India. Though, education is the fundamental right of every citizen, it comes with a price in private schools. However, parents are willing to pay a heavy price for good education of their child. There are different types of schools of course. Schools range from low budget private schools to high-end private schools. Based on the resources available and some other factors, different types of private schools offer a variety of facilities other than academics. For an individual who wants to open a school in India, there can be many different reasons to do so. Some of the main reasons are listed below.

Passion to Bring a Change

Many people are passionate to bring about a change in the society through their work. One of the ways to do so is by giving quality education. This can be done at various levels. You may want to support existing non-profit organisations working in the education field. Another way is to start an informal school for children who cannot afford education and are unable to go to a formal school for some reason or the other. Yet another way is to start a private school that provides quality education and necessary skills to children to become empowered citizens of India.

Become an Edupreneur

Today’s world of opportunities is encouraging many people to start their own business in different fields. Many people want to become entrepreneurs in the education domain. While edtech start-ups are on a rise, many people still want to follow a traditional way of opening a school to become an edupreneur. Running a school is a less risky proposition than other creative ideas in the education field. There is a new trend that has come up in the recent years. This is the trend of school franchises. Millennium World School franchise ranks in the top 10 school franchises of India. Such school franchises are coming up all across India. This is one of the expansion strategies for existing school business in India. New investors also benefit by taking up a school franchise as they get continuous support from the franchisor at every level and stage.

The primary reason to start any business is to earn revenue. School business is also no different. Anyone who wants to start a school will of course look for revenue even if they want to contribute towards the development of the society as well.