Making Profits in a School Business

November 21, 2019

There are many sectors in the economy that are doing well over the last few years in India but one with the fastest growth and the greatest demand is the educational sector. Entering the educational sector is considered a noble professional choice in India but at the end of the day, any business is about profit.  Making profit in the school business is the aim for most school owners along with providing quality education and building a brand. Many factors influence the profit-making ability ofthe school business. The following are some of the aspects of making profits in a school business.

Factors that Help in Making School Business Profitable


The most important factor that determines the profitability of the business is fees. It is the primary source or sometimes the only source of revenue for the school. So the management has to be aware of the exact fee structure that will attract students as well as make the school a profitable business. Fees depend on many factors like the reputation of a school, the facilities provided by the school, the brand, the standard of living of the prospective students and the number of students admissions needed to make the school profitable.

Cost of Running the Business

Two factors are opposing each other that determine the profitability of the school business in India. The cost of running a business is the expenses of a school business whereas the school fees are the revenue of the business. Costs of running a school can be massive. It is important to run the school cost-effectively to make profits in the business. One of the ways to reduce the cost of opening a school is to take up a school franchise.

Reputation and Brand of the School

The reputation and brand image of the school is an important factor in the profit earned by the school. Demand and supply are basic aspects of the profitability of any business and this is also true for the school business in India. One of the best ways to reap benefits of the brand value is to explore school franchise opportunities in India. If the brand is built properly and there is a reputation of excellence for the school, there is good demand for the school in India making it a profitable venture in India.

Good HR Policy

Staffing plays a critical role in the success of schools in India. This means that one of the major costs in a school operation is salaries of principals, teachers and other staff. Retention of good teachers and other staff and also a cost-effective salary structure is important for profits. Also, the HR policy of the school determines the work environment which also impacts the success and profitability of the school.

Effective Ways to Save Costs the Right Way

A balance between quality educational standards and saving money is difficult for any educational institution and especially so for school business in India. It is important to source materials from suppliers who give quality at reasonable costs and cut costs wherever possible. Cost-cutting is an art and it is always a good idea to hire an auditor or an expert in cost-cutting in the school business. Cost-cutting however, should not reduce the educational standards or safety measures for the students at the school.

Schools are a great business, and in India because of the massive young population, they are a profitable business. The factors listed determine the profitability of the business.