Future of School Franchise Business

November 21, 2019

Schools are an important aspect of the educational sector in India as educating India’s young population is a key target not just for the government but also for society in general. Over the last few decades, the school business in India has exponentially grown and one of the methods of growth is the school business in India through franchises. Schools have franchised in India for decades but this type of school business of taking up franchises has become more popular over the last few years. The following are details about what the future holds for the school franchise business in India.

The Emergence of Reputed Franchise Brands

In India, the role ofeducation is very important ina civilized society. But since independence, the growth in the number of schools and colleges that have become premium learning institutes has been quite slow. In the recent past, school franchise business model has changed the face of school business in India. Now, more and more reputed schools are getting into the franchise model of business for its growth and expansion. Additionally, this model has a positive impact on the educational sector of India with the increase in number of good quality schools.

Expansion into Secondary and Tertiary Markets in India

The level of education differs from state to state, from city to city and from one rural area to another in India. The international schools in Mumbai or Delhi provide a much higher standard than local municipality schools in villages across India. School franchise opportunities in Indiaare all available in all regions of the country. This means the school franchising is an excellent way to expand in the secondary and tertiary sectors in the future in India.

Growth in the Number of Schools in India

India has to currently educate over 200 million children. This means that the quantity and quality of schools in India have to grow exponentially in the future. The school franchise business is an easy way to grow the number of schools in India. Currently, the admission process for schools in India shows the disparity between the demand and supply of the number of good schools in India.

Improvement in Quality of Primary & Secondary Education in India

The future of the franchise school business in the education sector is quite promising. The franchises use the knowhow, framework and operational details of the franchisor school which means that they have to adhere to standards set by the franchisor. This process helps in creating schools across the country through franchising that can benefit from the excellence in education established by the franchisor school. This means that the quality of education in primary and secondary education in India improves through franchising. As franchising in the school business grows, quality of education in India is likely to improve in the future.

Expansion of the Educational Sector

The education sector has high demand and this means that there is further opportunityfor expansion in the sector. Franchising is one of the best ways to expand business in K-12, college, preschool and even coaching class sub-sectors of the industry.

The future of the school franchise business in India is on solid footing. School franchises create an environment where the school businesses in India are run more profitably and responsibly. The future of the school franchise business in India is a bright one and there is plenty of scope for expansion in this education industry in India.