Millennium Education Management and our Partners

Nelson Mandela once rightly said- “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

When you talk about change, it implies an overall impact that any task or decision would have on the society as a whole. Receiving and giving back to the society is a responsibility shared by many today and that is why India is a progressive nation. Joining hands and working together has always been beneficial be it any line of work and Education is no different. They say you spread the rays more and more as you expand the horizon.

Millennium Education Management, an education franchise initiative envisaged this vision of making a difference in the lives of many children and has been successful so far. This journey started with Dr. Bindu Rana, the CEO and the foundation setter to skill-based education today. MEM is a team of passionate educationists who have invested in building a world-class K-12 school and impacting the future of many children. A franchise opportunity which has opened doors for many to open their own K-12 CBSE schools

It’s not just about infrastructure, finances, operations or just affiliations to start a K-12 school. It is much beyond that. Embarking on a journey with a vision to build a world-class school requires precision, expertise and the willingness to turn every challenge into an opportunity.

Today Millennium education Management is a huge team of experts and researchers and a strong team of partners who have walked together in this mission of opening K-12 CBSE schools and educating every corner of India. To actually build an India where the mind is free and liberated to think and act in the direction which benefits the society as a whole. To nurture the inherent potential of a child, to value his/her uniqueness and be the part of the change you wish to see.

Looking beyond the edge and providing world-class facilities to ensure no child is left behind has been the key focus of MEM franchise schools. And like it’s truly said, every mission requires a team to believe in it, have faith in their efforts and see the change happen, Millennium Education Management and its partners have set an example of quality education achieved through teamwork and partnership. Opening K-12 schools in areas where education is a need of the hour has been catered to very well through the Millennium franchise schools.

Today Millennium Education Management invites passionate educationists to be a part of this exciting K-12 school franchise opportunity and open your own CBSE School with us. Transform your dream into reality by building a school with a difference in your area today. A never like before opportunity awaits you today. Join the leaders in K-12 education and embark on an exciting journey of learning and impacting lives of children.