Services Offered

  • What Millennium Education Management Offers

    MEM believes in providing quality products and services to our partners. While you build your dream school with bricks and motors we will silently and diligently support you with the micro aspects which will not only be the soul of the school but without which the school cannot function.

    MEM provides support in the following domains

  • Statutory Compliances

    Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE ), is a Board of Education for public and private schools, under the Union Government of India. ‘ Affiliation ‘means formal enrolment of a school among the list of approved schools of the Board following prescribed/approved courses of studies.

    MEM provides consultancy on ensuring that all schools are compliant and meet the mandatory statutory compliances for getting Affiliated to the Board.

  • Infrastructure

    MEM believes in the philosophy of providing a warm, conducive and safe environment for children and staff. Thus, the principles of design and architecture are both traditional and progressive and provide for a fusion of Indian and international practices.

  • Operations

    MEM, in collaboration with promoters, ensures delivery with focus on meeting Quality Objectives that are student centric and contribute to the Well Being of students and staff.

  • Procurement

    MEM has clearly laid out policies that are transparent and process oriented. Procurement is based on the simple guideline of need versus extravaganza. The policies are derived from the physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs of student and staff.

    MEM provides consultancy on ensuring that all schools are compliant and meet the mandatory statutory compliances for getting Affiliated to the Board.

  • ERP

    MEM provides for an ERP model that caters to participation and involvement of all stakeholders in the academic and administrative domains.

  • Marketing

    MEM maps the need of the community in specific regions and offers customized support in designing effective marketing strategies, support for media and local advertising and empowers schools to blend innovative strategies within the time frame and budgets.

  • Technology

    MEM helps schools to build up a Blue print for Technology that will focus on not only the hardware but the resulting learning for all the stakeholders. It also provides services for online and offline academic and administrative functioning.

  • Finance

    MEM supports the promoters in planning and execution of budgets that are based on principles of sound financial Planning.

  • Human Resources

    People Matter ! MEM encourages organizations to hire people with the right knowledge, skills and attitudes and provides support in the entire recruitment process.

  • Training

    Excellence of a school is determined by the performance of its students, and that is driven by the quality of teaching.

    MEM, through its structured training programs, ensures that all teachers are trained in understanding and imbibing the school philosophy, mission and vision as well equipping them with latest teaching learning methodologies and strategies.

  • Academics

    Each child is unique with a distinct learning style and an inherent potential that needs to be identified and nurtured.Children of present generation are smart, technology savvy, socially aware and hungry for purposeful knowledge.

    The Millennium Learning System ( MLS ) curriculum is sequentially designed, mapped to the developmental milestones and concentrates on teaching the way learners learn at the stage they are in.

    MEM helps in providing the Philosophy and Psychology behind the unique curriculum, Concept Books, Projects, Activities and Strategies, Lesson Plans, Performance Enhancement Plans, Skill Based Assessments and Evaluation with Rubrics.