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Dr Bindu Rana

Founder & CEO

Has over 30 years of experience in the field of Education.

Architect of the largest private sector Research & Development initiative in Indian Education.

Conceptualized and created more than 800 books for all ages.


Designed four path breaking curriculums-Little Millennium, Millennium Learning System, E-DAC and Scaffolding Learning System.

Developed 850 concept based games.

Written more than 25000 well structured lesson plans.

Led one of the largest school chains in India.


Managed and led a team of more than 2000 people.

Her expertise lies in providing an in-depth and creatively structured framework needed to run a school professionally.


Ms. Kalpana Kapoor

Director - Academics

Been in the field of education for more than thirty years.

Deeply interested in curriculum interventions, latest pedagogical practices, assessment patterns and learning styles.

Former principal in DPSG Society Group of Schools.


Master Trainer for Life Skills, School Health Program, CCE and Accreditation across the country.

Worked on CBSE Manuals related to CCE, Life Skills, School Health Program, Accreditation and been a part of creating innovative content.

With an exposure to schools in Australia, Singapore, USA and UK, she has been able to implement the latest trends in the field of education in the schools she had been heading.


Involved in setting up Projects, School Improvement Programs leading to Accreditation, Workshops on Innovative Integrations in schools, pedagogy, inclusive education and Instructional and Strategic Leadership.

Implemented Millennium, E-DAC and SLS curriculum successfully in schools.


Ms. Geetika Bahuguna

Chief Operating Officer - Services

Geetika comes with over 27 years of rich experience and expertise in the management and scale up of large scale educational projects and programs.

Has been involved in conceptualization and implementation of innovative programs that have been a vanguard for change management, development and recognition within the education sector.


Has led quality interventions in large chain of schools, both Private and Government, pan India, impacting more than 600 schools, over1 lac students and 5000 educators over the years.

She has developed and managed high performing teams of Trainers, Academic Mentors and Project Heads to lead various program operations effectively over the years.

In her current profile, she plays a critical role to ensure quality standards of partner schools.


Possesses strong networking skills & ability to maintain relations with diverse stakeholder for continuous learning and quality.

Her expertise lies in supporting schools with services and structures for running school operations by creating systems and processes for maximizing benefits for the beneficiary.


Mr. Gyan Murti

VP - Business Development

Has 17 year of experience in Franchise operation, Business Development & Operations.

Has both national and international experience of working with NMC's such as Walmart & Pepsi.


one of the key people for building the franchise network for MEM.

Plays a key role in ensuring business viability & ROI for any new partner.

able to ensure end to end solution and implementation for new franchise partners.


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