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Building and managing a high-end quality school requires a different kind of expertise. Establishing a school does not mean merely creating a building or teaching through some curriculum but involves positively touching the lives of the children during their most formative years. Hence, this is best left to professionals like MEM, who ensure that the childhood yearsof the children are spent happily in school in a productive manner.

  • MEM has a strong school management background and this helps to accelerate the process of setting and establishing a school for the partner.

  • MEM has the most widely acclaimed and implemented learning curriculum – 'The Millennium Learning System'. This curriculum has transformed the way teaching and learning happens in the classrooms and reliable and validated data has proved that it has significant positive outcomes in the life of children.

  • MEM provides world class training to teachers and leadership through a multi pronged approach. While it provides world class training in the schools and at its R&D centre, it also provides online teaching training through the internationally awarded teaching training programme called 'Empowering facilitators through effective strategies' (EFES).

  • MEM provides an excellent support system to operate the school efficiently. It's crisp and effective school processes makes the school administration productive and efficient.

  • MEM believes in high standards and will ensure that every aspect of schooling is of the highest quality.

  • Partnering with MEM ensures success and transferring of knowledge which eventually empowers the partner to run the school in a well planned manner.

  • MEM is a transparent and reliable company and has professional experts who have the passion and zeal to transform education.

  • MEM provides a well known brand and this provides lifelong returns for the partner.