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  • TMS is a very special school for us. Running a school was our dream project and Millennium Education Management Pvt. Ltd (MEMPL) has made that possible for us. We had very little knowledge on how to run a K12 school. We were helped through the entire process... right from getting the plan approved to CBSE affiliations and short listing staff. The team hand held us through every aspect of running a school and managing it.

    The Millennium School brand has helped us to attract good quality students & parents and to fill our seats sooner than we had expected. The Millennium Learning System is truly the best in the world. I wish all children could be taught in the same manner, which is "through experiential learning". There are many school brands who claimed to do the same but when it came to implementation, only Millennium Education Management Pvt. Ltd came through. The strong training team took great pains to train the Principal & Teachers. Today they are able to implement the Millennium pedagogy in the true sense at The Millennium School,Mohali.

    Mr. Sandeep Mahajan, TMS Mohali
  • TMS is a very speed l School. We enjoy working with it. Its curriculum is the best in all over the world. The TMS team is very supportive and gives excellent service.

    Mr. Himanshu Katiyar, Jaipur
  • Opening The Millennium School in Surat- A brand of Millennium Education Management Pvt. Ltd (MEMPL) was a good decision and gained us recognition when we entered the field of education.

    We successfully completed 3 years achieving the goals we had set up with full support from MEMPL. It was a beneficial working experience with MEMPL. We have the immense satisfaction that being the owners of a Millennium School Franchise has given us the opportunity to make a positive change in the lives of those associated with us-our staff, the families we serve and the children we groom & care for.

    Millennium Education Management's strong support and their consultation, guidelines, curriculum, content, teaching methodology and strategic education policy intensifies the school's progress. In the next two years we hope to become one of the Top Ranking schools in Surat, Gujrat and we are proud to be associated with Millennium Education Management Pvt.Ltd.

    Mr Vikas Patel, TMS Surat
  • Had zero experience in running a school; started a discussion for property purchase and was convinced of MEM's support to start a school.

    One of the most successful launches with 400 kids.

    Mr Ameet Agarwal UA, Gharaunda