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  • Mr. Sandeep Mahajan

    TMS is a very special school for us. Running a school was our dream project and Millennium Education Management Pvt. Ltd (MEMPL) has made that possible for us. We had very little knowledge on how to run a K12 school. We were helped through the entire process... right from getting the plan approved to CBSE affiliations and short listing staff. The team hand held us through every aspect of running a school and managing it.

    The Millennium School brand has helped us to attract good quality students & parents and to fill our seats sooner than we had expected. The Millennium Learning System is truly the best in the world. I wish all children could be taught in the same manner, which is "through experiential learning". There are many school brands who claimed to do the same but when it came to implementation, only Millennium Education Management Pvt. Ltd came through. The strong training team took great pains to train the Principal & Teachers. Today they are able to implement the Millennium pedagogy in the true sense at The Millennium School,Mohali.

    Mr. Sandeep Mahajan, Mohali
  • Mr. Himanshu Katiyar

    TMS is a very speed l School. We enjoy working with it. Its curriculum is the best in all over the world. The TMS team is very supportive and gives excellent service.

    Mr. Himanshu Katiyar, Jaipur
  • Mr. Ameet Agarwal

    Had zero experience in running a school; started a discussion for property purchase and was convinced of MEM's support to start a school.

    One of the most successful launches with 400 kids.

    Mr. Ameet Agarwal, Gharaunda
  • Aman Kumar

    I have been fortunate enough to see a world out of Patna and I know how many students in Bihar are deprived of this exposure.

    I want to ensure that the children of Bihar get the same exposure and are connected to the world so that they can grow, compete and become confident individuals by the time they leave school. Hence I have tied up with the Millennium World School, which has the expertise to provide the best to the future generation in Bihar.

    Aman Kumar, Patna
  • Vikas Patel

    People of Surat want to give their children the best of education. We have chosen Millennium brand because it has the best teaching techniques and methodologies to educate the children to face the competitive world of today.

    Vikas Patel, Surat
  • Vasu Sharma

    I always dreamt of opening a world class school for the small town of Kotkapura. So when I took up the responsibility of running the existing school I chose Millennium brand due to its strong school management background and its widely acclaimed learning curriculum—The Millennium Learning System.

    Vasu Sharma, Kotkapura
  • Sandeep Solanki

    I have decided to open a school in Palwal to give quality education to children. I want children of this region to get a chance to study in a modern school with facilities at par with the best schools for getting holistic development, so that children who pass out from our school are equipped with required skills and knowledge needed for higher studies in future.

    Giving quality school education is the best way to serve the society.

    Sandeep Solanki, Palwal
  • Varun Khosla

    We have chosen the Millennium brand for the simple reason that it has proved its excellence in the field of quality education to children in line with the needs of ever changing world and has believed in the philosophy of 'Think today, change tomorrow'.

    Varun Khosla, Batala
  • Ashok Kumar Singla

    Kalanwali is a rural area where students travel upto 100 kilometres daily to nearby cities for quality education. This tiresome routine was killing their childhood. Inspired by the successful research based Millennium Learning System, I decided to establish a Millennium School where quality education is provided as per 21st century standards.

    Ashok Kumar Singla, Kalanwali
  • Mr. Girish Gawda

    We have partnered with MEMPL as their consultation, guidelines, curriculum, content and teaching methodology will help us achieve our dream of extending world class education to the children of Bengaluru.

    Mr. Girish Gawda, Bengaluru
  • Ram Agarwal

    I have partnered with MLS as it aspires to develop students to thrive in the new millennium.

    We understand that students need to have greater creative thinking and problem solving abilities and be more self-motivated than ever. Our teachers support and guide our students to be thinkers and enquirers, who wonder and pose questions.

    Ram Agarwal, Lucknow (Sitapur road)
  • Gaurav Bansal

    I always wanted to work in the area of education. To begin my journey in this field, I set up a preschool many years ago as there was a huge demand from our parents to set up a senior school. I wanted to ensure that I do not let the parents down by simply extending my preschool and managing it on my own as I know that running a school requires professional expertise in all areas. To ensure that I bring in an effective qualitative system and innovative programme, I linked up with the Millennium group.

    Gaurav Bansal, Mathura
  • Mohammad Athar Shamshi

    My travelling takes me to different parts of the world and I have seen various kinds of schools that expose children to the latest happenings. My dream is to ensure that children of Moradabad get exposure to the latest happenings, get the best facilities, learn in a conducive environment and in return these children grow up and contribute to the well-being of their town.

    Mohammad Athar Shamshi, Moradabad
  • Mata Shri Naina Devi Educational Welfare Society

    The Trust chose to go for Millennium not for one but many reasons. First and foremost is its acceptability and popularity as a brand all over the country. The Millennium Learning System works scientifically to meet the demands and expectations of society in an efficient way. Some of its USPs include VAK tests for students in order to understand the learning style of child, skill based assessments to cover all aspects of given subjects and better reports, educational and planned pedagogy, keeping in mind all the parameters required for better teaching, along with mapped smart class modules for its optimum usage, seven petals approach to cover all skills for children ranging from two to five years.

    Mata Shri Naina Devi Educational Welfare Society, Sunam
  • Seema Goel

    Intrigued by the vision behind The Millennium Learning System, where each child is seen as a unique being and is given opportunities to develop to his or her fullest potential, I started the school venture with Millennium brand. Children are taught as per their individual learning styles.

    Seema Goel, TMS Greater Noida (W)
  • Rohit Singh

    Under the table guidance and support of Dr. Bindu Rana and Team MEMPL, we will strive to build a world class institution, with high tech Robotics, Animation, 3D Printing, STEM Labs, essential for application based learning and conceptual clarity. We aspire to see our students excel and succeed in life. Every effort will be made at Millennium World School, Shahjahanpur, to make learning a memorable experience, cherished for a lifetime.

    Rohit Singh, Shahjahanpur
  • Surendra Kumar Mishra

    We have partnered with The Millennium School as it is not only a great brand but I am immensely impressed how The Millennium Learning System encompasses the methodologies of education and educational operations at various levels.

    Surendra Kumar Mishra, Allahabad
  • Sachin Goel

    We are a progressive family and lay great deal of stress on education. We believe that schooling is the first foundation on which the children build their character, attitude, knowledge and skills. We, as a family, also want to do some good service for the community we live in and hence decided to open a school. The reason for opening the Millennium World School is the excellent curriculum that focuses on values and skill building.

    Sachin Goel, Faizabad road
  • Manraj Mander

    I have seen all my cousins leave our town due to lack of proper education and they don't want to come back. They want to provide their children with the best of education elsewhere. I want to stop this exodus of children from our town due to lack of good education. Hence my dream is to build a school that can make every person stay connected to the land of their birth and then let them help develop it. I chose Millennium School as it is the only organization that has a passionate team with a desire to open quality schools in smaller towns in India.

    Manraj Mander, Puranpur