Millennium Learning System
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Millennium Learning System

MLS is India’s most innovative and award winning curriculum. It is child centric and pedagogically based on the developmental milestones and follows a sequential approach to learning. It is the only programme that has four distinct pedagogical stages. Unfortunately, education today teaches the same way from pre-primary to grade XII, and does not adapt itself to the specific needs of different age groups.

MLS understands the need to teach the way a student learns and hence has four distinctive levels of the curriculum.

millennium learning system

Little Millennium

LM curriculum is based on the scientifically developed ‘Eclectic Approach’ which has been created by a team of educationists who are experts in Early Childhood Development.

It is based on the research findings that have shown that children in the age group of 0 to 5 learn from various external sources and also explore and learn through their internal senses.

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The Eclectic Approach is a blend of naturalistic, sensorial, integrated and activity based learning, The LM curriculum is divided into 11 themes and each theme is celebrated through various activities that make learning joyful.

The Seven Petal Approach

The Seven Petal approach focuses on ‘Holistic Child Development’ by ensuring that all skills are nurtured and enhanced. The Seven Petals represent the 7 skills that describe the all round development of children.

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    I Listen I Know I Speak

    This skill is mapped to linguistic abilities. The child develops his/her language skills through activities based on listening, speaking, reading and writing.

  • skill based school

    I Am Ready

    This skill is based on cognitive development. Under this innovative and challenging activities are designed to build skills of observation, understanding concepts, problem solving and predicting outcomes.

  • creative activities school

    I Can Do Wonders

    This skill comprises creative activities that develop the fine muscle skills by honing the artistic abilities of children by developing their creativity, aesthetic sense and pincer grip.

  • physical strength based school

    I Can and I Do

    This skill is based on gross motor abilities. In this section, children develop their large muscles through activities that build physical strength, coordination and balance.

  • skill awareness school

    I Help Myself

    This skill makes children aware of their self and inculcates sense of independence, safety, hygiene and life skills.

  • Social skills based school

    I Me Myself and My Friends

    Social skills form the foundation of success and happiness and this through activities designed for this skill, children learn sharing and understanding feelings through effective use of imagination and role play.

  • talent oriented school

    I am Best at (Nurturing Individual Potential)

    Each child is inherently talented and the 7th petal aims at discovering and nurturing this unique talent by providing exposure to activities from the domains of creative arts, performing arts, sports etc.