MEM School Franchising- How it began!!


India is a land of deep rooted stories which have cultivated values and traditions for generations. From discoveries to inventions, it’s all within the boundaries and has been nurtured through every individual every single moment. Arising from the system of Gurukuls, education in India has always been harnessing the skills that a child is born with. Providing the right ambience, facts, skills and exposure to nurture the in-born skills which became better and better with age and time. This was for sure one of the best ways to cater to the interest of the child and develop the skill for future times.

Education today or lets say till few years back, took a different turn altogether with seemingly increasing pressure, constant rush, race, competition and striving to achieve numbers and not knowledge in the true sense. Data based information, examinations, content, subjects, marks and rote learning took over where every child was given the same platform irrespective of the qualities he/she possessed. Though, we don’t, reject the idea of rote learning completely, however somewhere the whole purpose of education got lost. Children would opt for science, for example, till Grade XII and then change their line as it was of no interest to them. It was merely to achieve numbers or position wherein the interest in the subject faded with time.

It is time we pick our roots and let the uniqueness of every child bloom under the same roof. This would ensure happy children who are ready to move to the 21st century with the right set of skills and aptitude and attitude to face every challenge and turn it into an opportunity through critical thinking. This is where the idea of the Millennium Learning System started which kept the best practices of the Gurukul system intact and ensured every child blooms to the best of his/her ability.

Starting a school is a responsibility and requires a lot of thought and precision. With the rise in number of schools each year, it also becomes imperative to decide which way to go and where to start. This gave rise to Franchising support in India. Having been in the education line for over 25 years, Dr. Bindu Rana started Millennium Education Management which was but a natural initiative to help visionaries and people passionate about education to start their own K-12 CBSE School. To provide scaffolding support at every step and build a world class school to prepare the children for the 21st century is our mission and we walk together to educate every corner of India today.

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