4 Prominent Things to Consider Before Investing in a School Franchise

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Franchising is the obvious choice to consider, if you are planning to set up a school. Franchising is the process when a party (the franchisor) allows other party (the franchisee) to use its brand name or trademark. In an educational system, the franchisee gets complete support in setting up a school, i.e. help in designing infrastructure and classrooms, recruitment of teachers, designing school curriculum, etc. Further, parents mostly prefer to send their children to reputed schools to local schools, since it assures them of high quality education.

Opening up a new school, when educational organizations have already spent crores of rupees in perfecting their school system is surely not a good idea. However, there are certain factors that you need to consider before investing in the school franchise. 

  • Experience

The number of years an educational organization has been there in the industry and franchising is very important to consider to judge its track record. As you are paying a huge amount just because of reputation, the more number of years a brand is in industry and the more number of students- the better it is.

  • Background of the Management

The goals, objectives, vision and mission of an educational organization are driven by the thoughts of the top management. Therefore, by signing a school franchise, you are choosing your leader. So, before signing a franchise, you need to research about its promoters. 

  • Design of the School

School franchisors providing franchisees with the freedom to get their own school design usually don’t have any uniformity and it is their strategy to get more franchisees signed. The organizations offering the best school franchise in India help franchisees to find a suitable location to set up the school and also in setting up the right infrastructure.

  • Recruitment & Training

Faculty is the backbone of any educational institution. So, while investing in a school franchise, inquire about the kind of assistance they are providing in the recruitment of competent and qualified teachers. Further, also enquire about the training offered by the head office and get all the details about the kinds of trainings- initial, limitation on the number of people and cost per head. Check out the existing franchisees and the quality of the trainers and trainings before taking any final decision. You must research online about the top 10-school franchise in India to take the right decision.

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