Franchise: An Opportunity to be an EDUPRENUER!!!

Starting anything new requires awareness and acceptance. Being aware of the need of the hour and accepting the new opportunities which await the leaders of tomorrow, is what the New Year brings in.

Franchise is a synonym and a door which opens new avenues for every individual who dares to dream and looks beyond the horizon. It takes courage and passion to visualize changing the lives of millions of children through the biggest tool- EDUCATION!!! If we get both of them together, you are for sure an EDUPRENUER, one who has the will, vision and the desire to start a world-class K-12 school which gives the children the platform to grow and blooms in an environment best suited to meet their pace of learning.

India’s fastest growing chain of k-12  school franchise has been the perfect platform which has supported visionaries to open their own school. From a research-based innovative curriculum to HR, Operations, Marketing support, Infrastructure and Legalities, and all the minute things which are needed to get your dream school rolling, are just a call or click away!!

Be an Eduprenuer. Join the league of Educationists who are working tirelessly to impact lives, change mindsets, provide world-class facilities and avail the best of a curriculum which has been awarded for its uniqueness and usefulness.

When the will is determined, when the mind is set to move beyond the range, all you need is a click and envisage the school of your dream and be the path to a positive change.

Avail the franchise opportunities in the field of education and start your own CBSE school. Be a Leader, Be the path breaker and not just an investor but a Partner, a proud owner of a school which nurtures the 21st-century skills in every child and lays the path to progress and development in every aspect of their lives. Opening a school requires thought and precision and the doors to make it a reality have been opened by the leaders in Franchise Education. Be an Eduprenuer today. Avail the best of the school Franchise opportunities today and be a leader in higher and secondary education in India.

Advantages of having your own Education FRANCHISE!!!

Change is the only constant and should always be seen as a positive impact in the long run. While every domain has undergone changes, Education to has seen many pages being turned at different points through the years.

Governments have been ensuring that Education is imparted to one and all. Families, without holding a gender bias, send their children to educational institutes to ensure a progressive society. Ancient India saw Gurukuls as a source of knowledge and wisdom, and modern India has schools which are owned and run by Governments as well as passionate educators who carry the will to impact the lives of children through education.

While schools are surely doing well, there are a whole lot of passionate individuals who wish to work towards the growth of humanity through value-based education, and empowering children with the 21st-century skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, analyzing and logical reasoning and much more.

Today the biggest and most positive change in Education is the League of Franchise, an opportunity which opens the door for every single individual who wants to open a K-12 CBSE school in their area. Reaching out to children in every corner of India, giving them the platform to grow and experience learning through projects and practical application, co-curricular activities, models and concepts for better understanding, integrated values and skills, meeting the pace of every child, celebrating the uniqueness of every child at every step, making learning joyful, providing space for indoor and outdoor activities, meeting global education standards, cherishing the rights of children and giving them an environments to explore their talent is not all that a child gets in a world-class k-12  school franchise, its much more.

Not saying that other schools lag behind, but franchising definitely is an edge over with branding and most of all the power to be an Eduprenuer, the owner of your own cbse schools, in your own area and seeing your dream come true with India’s fastest growing chain of K-12  school franchise , with Millennium Education Management, an opportunity which awaits the passionate educators willing to start their own school. Let the experts help you open your own school this year.

Investing in your child’s Future with the leader in Education Space – Millennium Education Management

Valuing and nurturing life is the very essence to the existence of mankind and moreover humanity. Life gleams through the eyes of every child who adds to our world of happiness and giving them the best becomes imperative and a responsibility for every parent who dreams and envisions a path to success for their child.

Beginning from the first step that the child takes till the stage is completely theirs, education is the tool to change and groom them. To build awareness, nurture their innate talents and make them responsible and sensitive citizens are every parents’ dream and partnering in this journey is the Millennium World School, an initiative of the Millennium Education Management. The founder and CEO of MEM, Dr. Bindu Rana, began this interesting and meaningful journey 10 years back by designing an innovative curriculum which brings out the best in every child.

Laying the foundation today to a futuristic tomorrow through innovative activities, building and enhancing skills and offering solutions and exposure to practical situations where every child is capable to find a solution. Visually appealing books, exploring through Projects and our uniquely designed Apprentice Manuals, introducing children to more than 200 career options, giving age-appropriate concept building activities, working on their communication skills, turning them into confident young leaders ready to lead our tomorrow is all embedded into the Millennium Education Philosophy.

Every child deserves and must get a platform which ensures the freedom to speech and expression, learning at his/her own pace, experiencing and building a never to forget memory bank, with no fright for marks and examinations, with no threat of being left behind or lagging in any area, moving ahead with confidence, happiness and dignity in WHO they are and WHAT they do. Millennium World Schools ensures every child gets an equal opportunity and grows into citizens who are sensitive and truly educated in every aspect.

Investing in your child’s future implies they get all of the above at every step of their life. They feel deserving of being exposed to every opportunity and then tread on the path they feel inclined towards and contribute to the society at a time most needed. Children are the future leaders and they have the ability to change the face of the Nation, thus turning in into a progressive and educated world of opportunities and happiness. Partner with India’s fastest growing chain of k-12  school franchise and see your child bloom every day every moment of his/her life.

Education…Bringing in the Change through YOU | Millennium Education Management

Revolution is a synonym to Change. Every change symbolizes the birth of a new idea, a new thought and a new path to tread on…!!

Over the years everything has changed and taken a new look to be it the technology, communication, health and food habits, dressing styles or even the Human Mind. Yes, the race has moved from a conventional approach to a progressive path traveling a long way, seeing many changes, some accepted, some kept aside and some left waiting to be heard.

Education is one of them and yet the most important aspect which requires a change. It is the source and the way humans learn. Innovation is the key to success and the human mind is a bundle of energy. Education is no different. It is the most powerful tool to bring a change in society. From Learning to Exploring, From Memorizing to Applying and From Remembering to Understanding, skills are crucial for the growth and evolution of mankind moving towards the 21st century.

Indian Gurukul System taught us how to value and nurture the inherent potential of each child. One cannot be taught to LEARN, but for sure can be shown the direction to explore new things which make learning more meaningful. This is what the Millennium World School aim at…building an educated society wherein the values are deeply embedded and progress of one and all is the key objective. The Millennium Learning System is designed in a formative manner, mapped to age-appropriate tasks and meeting the pace of learning for every child. It unfolds every new concept in the most interesting manner catering to all learners, adding to the experience of a child and building a bank of skills which empower the child for the 21st century.

Change is even more complete when it is gratefully accepted and the rise in the number of Millennium schools every year says it all. The road to successful education is laid, leaders have begun their journey by opening their own Millennium schools by partnering with Millennium Education Management, and the future leaders are in the making through the innovative pedagogy today. Building a futuristic India is the vision and visionaries are invited to join India’s fastest growing chain of k-12 school franchise and open doors to opportunities which are just a call away. Bringing in the Change through YOU is the mission of Millennium Education Management and it is held high through the league of partners in this educational journey.