Why it’s the right time to invest in education?

Why it’s the right time to invest in education?

In the 21st century, it is of utmost importance for nations to not only realize the importance of education but, also proactively invest in the education sector in order to succeed. The information age, that we are living in today demands us to plan out our economies in such a manner that they pay us the best of results in the future. This has already led to a noticeable change in the budget plans & priorities of governments across the world. More & more economies are investing in the education sector these days as it is no longer just a fundamental driver of personal development but, also plays a very important role in building the nation as a whole. Especially, one talks about India in particular, on one hand when the government is trying to push the cause of education through its schemes, there are also many private institutions which are surprising the world with their brilliant performances. MEMPL, the famous school franchise being the flag bearer of this change just opened 11 schools in just a short span of 1 year, giving the gift of education to so many children. They realised the multi-dimensional benefits of investing in education & set a benchmark for everyone who believes in the reformative power of education.

On one hand, where education puts people on the path to attain a better lifestyle, it also adds significantly to the economic growth of the countries. Evidence shows that, on an average, each additional year of education boosts a person’s income by 10 percent and increases a country’s GDP by 18 percent.  These are some of the economic factors which have contributed to the growth of the education sector, but we are still far away from what is actually needed.

The world population is growing rapidly that we need to come up with more & more institutions which are well equipped to provide & prepare our future generation with the right kind of opportunities & training. Hence, the need of the hour is not to just come up with educational structures but also smart institutions which are well equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow.

We need to make sure that our students are well prepared & well trained to face the challenges of tomorrow and take the nation along with them on the path of progress. In order to ensure that this happens, we also need to focus a lot on the elementary education of our nations, for school education plays a very important role in laying the foundation of a better future.

To conclude, we can say that we need to invest in education today so that our future is safe tomorrow.

How Millennium Learning System is revolutionizing the scenario of modern education?

How Millennium Learning System is revolutionizing the scenario of modern education?

This is the day & age of technology. Since its advent it has impacted each & every sphere of our life. In the recent times it has reached a new level of advancement & is taking over every place, even classrooms. Modern education needs to combine modern technology to make itself effective. We have to accept that times have changed drastically & the current generation is a lot smarter when it comes to accepting the new forms of learning, that’s why there is a need to let go of the conventional methods of teaching.

Hence, the integration of technology into modern day learning will prove to make modern day education more beneficial for students & teachers. Even teachers & parents get to help their children in an advanced manner by taking the aid of technology.


However, there are many benefits that one can attribute to the integration of technology into education, here is how technology impacts the lives of students, teachers & parents:

  1. Making learning fun & interactive: First & foremost, technology greatly improves the scope of learning, for students get to explore new & fun methods of absorbing knowledge. It helps to foster their creativity & hence making them future ready. It helps them to focus better & hence learn better.
  2. Helping teachers in evaluation & experimenting: It is a fact that each & every child comes with different set of needs. The conventional methods of learning restrict the teachers to come up with new methods, hence with the integration of technology into the classrooms, teachers can not only come up with new methods of learning but can also evaluate each & every student better.
  3. Easing out the evaluation process for children: There are many apps that help keep a tab on the performance, interest & choices of the students. Parents can always depend on these apps in order to track the performance of the children.

Having said that, there are many researchers who have already understood & acknowledged the immense potential of education, when it comes to transforming the face of education. They are coming up with new & advanced methods of learning which are fully capable of catering to the needs of present, one such excellent system is Millennium Learning System. It has been exclusively designed to make sure that our children get the best of learning experience which is packed with fun & interactive activities. It is designed to make a classroom a happy place & concentrates on the holistic development of children, of every age. It understands the need to teach the way a student learns & hence has four distinct levels of curriculum.

To conclude, it can be said that we need to understand & adapt this change in order to ensure that our children are well equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow.